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The constitution of New Cranmer Society is available as a PDF download here. If you affirm the mission and values of New Cranmer Society please consider becoming a member.


The New Cranmer Society adheres to the constitutional position of the Anglican Church of Australia with its historic declarations applied in their orthodox sense.
As well as upholding orthodox Christian belief, the New Cranmer Society seeks to adopt and apply in a renewed and current form the strategies used by Archbishop Thomas Cranmer including:

Working for continuous reform of the Church and its institutional structures to bring them into greater consonance with the Scriptures while responding to the demands of the time;
Proclaiming the gospel in idiom that will be “heard not only with the ears but also heart, spirit and mind”.”

Current Price

The annual membership fee is currently $15.

To pay for a new membership or to renew your membership for 2018/19 please use this link:

Membership is subject to acceptance by the Council of New Cranmer Society.

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