New Cranmer Society Membership

Become a Member:  You are invited to apply for membership of the New Cranmer Society.  Membership involves a commitment to the objectives of the Society and, where possible, involvement in its activities.  Members have full voting rights at our meetings and may hold office in the Society.

Join our Mailing List:  Membership is different from being on our Mailing List.  While we expect those on our Mailing List to support the objectives of the Society, we do not expect active involvement.

Constitution: The constitution of New Cranmer Society is available as a PDF download here. We ask that you affirm the mission and values of New Cranmer Society if you wish to become a member.

Mission and Values

We try to encourage our leaders and institutions to uphold orthodox Biblical teaching and practice and to be mission-minded in reaching our own culture with the Good News about Jesus.  We engage with Anglican church structures such as Synod, General Synod and the various Synod committees such as Archbishop in Council.  We seek to foster debate about the strategy of the diocese and encourage orthodox Anglicans to participate in these processes.  At times of Synod elections, we are in prayer about nominating the right people for governance roles on diocesan councils and committees.

The New Cranmer Society adheres to the constitutional position of the Anglican Church of Australia with its historic declarations applied in their orthodox sense.  As well as upholding orthodox Christian belief, the New Cranmer Society seeks to promote an orthodox and evangelical character of the Anglican Church. This character is based on Scripture and is expressed in the Book of Common Prayer and the Thirty Nine Articles of Religion.

Current Annual Membership Fees

The annual membership fee is currently $15.

To pay for a new membership or to renew your membership for 2018/19 please use this link:

Membership is subject to acceptance by the Council of New Cranmer Society.


To e-mail the Council of New Cranmer Society, please use the e-mail address below.